Cheese. #1998 #vscocam

NYPD invisibility cloak #vscocam

One of these things is not like the others, redux #vscocam

Bout to drop bands at the Big Wheel dealership #vscocam

Arm & Hammer #vscocam

You must understand this point very carefully. Violence has two points: reactionary violence and revolutionary violence. Everyone knows that the Africans in this country are oppressed through violence. When the police shoots down a brother; when the police shoots a 68-year-old woman; when the police shoots a 7-year-old boy anywhere in this country, it is for one reason alone: to intimidate the population to keep them in line. This is violence.

America is a racist, capitalist country. Everybody knows that. I cannot, as an African, in good conscious, advocate to my people, that anyone of them put down any gun in a racist, capitalist state.

— Kwame Ture

(Source: youtube.com, via disciplesofmalcolm)

Ancient artifacts #vscocam

٢٣٣ #vscocam

Let a scowl be your umbrella #2012 #vscocam (at Yankee Stadium)

All I wanted was a Pepsi

oro y plata

Cerulean City #vscocam (at The Westchester)

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